Sunday, April 29, 2012

I have totes full of my kids school papers, art work, and all of those special pages they colored just for me out of their favorite coloring book.  I keep saying I'm going to tackle those totes one of these days, but today is not the day.  Today, I did decide to tackle a large pile of papers in my office which included mail, newspapers and my youngest son's school papers.  I threw it all in a box and carried it into my dining room.  I was just going to sort it into piles of bills to pay, my son's papers and junk to burn.  Then a great idea came up and I gave it a try.  I grabbed some 12" x 12" papers, a cutter and a box of photo squares.  While sorting through the pile of papers, when I came to one of my son's papers that I wanted to keep, I chose a scrapbook paper to match, put photo squares on the back of his paper and stuck it down to the chosen scrapbook paper.  In less than an hour, I had sorted through all of my mail, pulled out all the coupons I wanted and had 24 pages of my son's kindergarten work ready for his scrapbook.  All I have left is a little journaling and some minor embellishments, so I don't upstage his work, and I am done!  From now on, when I clean out my son's school folder, there will be scrapbook paper, a cutter and photo squares in hand!  Why didn't I think of this when my soon to be 20 year old was in kindergarten! The first photo shows my beginning pile, the second photo shows my work in progress and the last photo shows a much more organized, colorful and smaller pile of my son's precious papers!