Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My First Pinterest Organizing Project

I have been working on my daughter's wedding details and needed a break so I spent some time on Pinterest.  I love pinning all of the organizing items and finally decided that I needed to do more than just pin something... I needed to "do" something.  My youngest daughter had volleyball practice so I dropped her off and headed over to the local Dollar General store.  I spent some time searching through their storage containers until I found some that I really liked.  I filled up my basket and when I got home, I went to work on my son's bookshelf and dresser.  Here's the before and after photos:

                     Before                After

 I created all of the labels using Word and Google images.  I printed them out onto Avery labels and placed them on the containers.  For the wire baskets, I printed the labels and glued them onto cardstock, punched a hole at the top and attached them with fiber ribbon that I had on hand from Close to my Heart (discontinued, but they have great colored twine that I could have used instead).  For the basket with handles, I wrapped ribbon around the handles to keep them up and it made easy for my son to grab onto and carry.


  1. Looks amazing! Now can you tell me how you're going to get him to keep it looking like that? That is definitely where my little ones struggle.

  2. By putting a picture on the outside of each container, it helps him to know where to return it. I also saw a really cute idea where the mom leaves a note that says she picked up items that were not returned to their right place and the child will have to choose a chore to get it back! It's basically a habit that needs to form so every night we look in the room and tell him its time to put his things away where they belong. We tell him to look for the picture and match up the items that belong in that container. Seems to be working great so far!